Pronto Finance / Pronto PreStamos

Pronto Finance offers auto and other loans for uncredited and lightly credited consumers. Our Spanish-speaking division, Pronto Préstamos, is dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking consumers make educated decisions throughout the entire loan process.

Our success is premised on two core principles:

For auto dealers, this means a rapid Pronto response on credit applications, and timely funding to help you grow your business. For consumers, we offer an opportunity to establish or repair credit, competitive rates and the option of returning for another loan with better terms.

Delivering superior loan service quickly and efficiently . . . the Pronto Way

Meeting your loan needs today in order to build strong and lasting relationships for the future.


“Easy to get credit, easy to get approved over the phone, it was never this easy. Usually is a lot of paperwork, and with you guys it was so fast. You did all the paperwork and just call me in to sign. I didn’t feel pressure with the paperwork or payments, the people is very understanding and patient. I did not apply for a second credit, you guys call me and offer it and I like that, you guys are very flexible.

Dennis from Palatine, IL
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